Vaping Glossary

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Adapter:  Used to allow an atomizer or cartomiser to fit onto a different style of battery. Many users prefer the vapour production of one style of atomizer but prefer the battery life of another battery. This allows them to have access to both of them.

Analogue:  Traditional tobacco cigarette.

Atomiser:  All E-Cigs/vaporizers contain an atomiser. The atomiser turns the E-Liquid into vapour. It is located in a vaporiser’s clearomiser, inside a disposable E-Cig and inside the refillable flavour cartridges for the rechargeable E-Cigs.

Atty:  Abbreviation of Atomiser


Battery:  This typically rechargeable component provides power to the atomizer. Batteries come in a large array of strengths, sizes and designs.

Shorthand for battery.

Battery Charger
A cord which plugs into your E-Cig/vaporizer that restores its electrical life.

Bridge A small U-shaped covering inside of the atomizer. This is used to absorb liquid and help wick it towards the heating element.


Cartomiser:  A combination of an atomiser and a flavour cartridge employed by 2-piece electronic cigarettes (rechargeable E-Cigs). This can be both refillable and non-refillable. Users who have never filled a cartridge do not need to worry about refilling, as E-Cig companies offer new replacements with E-Liquid already added.

Carto:  Shorthand for Cartomiser.

Cartridge:  The cartridge sits within the mouthpiece of a traditional E-Cig and contains absorbent material. This is where flavored liquid containing nicotine is stored. When the liquid is depleted it can either be refilled or replaced with a new pre-filled cartridge. Unlike cartomisers, cartridges do not contain a new atomiser. Users who have never filled a cartridge do not need to worry about refilling, as E-Cig companies offer new replacements with E-Liquid already added.

Carts/Cart:  Shorthand version of cartridge.
Cig-a-like:  An E-Cig that resembles an actual cigarette more so than a traditional E-Cig. Cig-a-likes often have squishy mouth-pieces and are the same size and weight as a traditional cigarette. 

Chamber: Often referred to as the “tank”. 

Cigar Style:  Cigar Style generally refers to the device being long like a pen, often cigar-inspired in appearance. They can be disposable or rechargeable depending on the company.

Coil:  The coil is located in a vaporizer’s clearomizer and is part of the atomizer. 

Condoms:  Rubber sleeves that come on the ends of cartomizers/cartridges. These rubber sleeves seal the holes on E-Cigs which a user puffs on.
Clearomizer:  A clearomizer is a cartridge without the polyfill. It has a wick and a coil but no filler material. The clearomizer is located on a modern vaporizing pen. It is where the E-Liquid is stored. It also contains a hollow air-tube and an atomizer. Clearomizers are on vaporizing pens, not traditional E-Cigs. 

Cutoff:  Some battery types have a cutoff mechanism to turn off the battery when it is overused. It protects the atomizer from dying out and the user from inhaling too much nicotine.


Disposable E-Cigarette: A single-use electronic cigarettes designed to be thrown away when the E-Liquid is empty or the battery loses charge.

Direct Drip:  See “dripping”

DIY:  "Do-it-yourself"; many veteran vapers create their own liquid blends. Clearette does not endorse this, however, we do find it interesting. 

Dual Coils:  The coil is located in a vaporizer’s clearomiser and is part of the atomiser. Powerful vaporizers usually use dual coils. 

Drip/Dripping:  A method of dripping E-Liquid directly into the atomiser or fill material to refill an electronic cigarette/vaporizer. People who drip vape very small amounts and enjoy changing flavor often. Dripping allows users to taste their E-Liquid in its purest form. Dripping is a hobby and requires a PV which has a removable drip-tip. 

Drip Tip:  Used to directly to drip E-liquid into the atomiser or into a cartomiser. Preferred by some for comfort, as the soft drip tips feel more like a cigarette filter in the mouth. Drip tips are the mouth-piece.

Dry Hit:  When a vaper takes a draw from their E-Cig/vaporizer and experiences a burnt taste that is dry. Some people purposely practice "dry-hitting" to keep their atomisers clean, though this is never recommended. Dry-hitting is similar to heating up a dirty BBQ to clean it. Clearette recommends tossing old atomisers as they are inexpensive and pose less of a safety/health hazard.


eGo:  A style of electronic cigarette that utilizes the 510 threads and allows one to use 510 components but with a much larger battery. 

E-Cigar:  An electronic cigar which can be rechargeable or disposable. E-Cigars usually have very dense vapor and are flavoured to taste of rich and complex tobacco. They also resemble cigars. 

Electronic Cigarette:  An E-Cigarette is a battery-powered electronic device that heats liquid nicotine or a non-nicotine solution (e-liquid) into water vapour. Many resemble traditional analogue cigarettes in size, shape and colour, but they are also manufactured to mimic pens, cigars and pipes. Also referred to as:
E Cigarettes 
Smokeless Cigarettes
Vapour Cigarette

E-Hookah:  A device very similar to an E-Cig, except with flavours, usually Shisha-inspired. E-Hookahs draw longer that E-Cigs and can be disposable or rechargeable. They work the same way that E-Cigs work and offer a flavour alternative to traditional tobacco and menthol blends.

E-Liquid:  The nicotine or non-nicotine solution used in an E-Cigarette. This solution usually consists of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG), natural and artificial flavourings and water. Both PG and VG are common food additives and create vapour at low temperatures. Flavours can be anything from tobacco and menthol, to fruit and even artisan flavours. Nicotine concentrations can range from zero to extra-high (0 mg to 34 mg). Also called: 
Nicotine Fluid 


Filler:  The material inside the cartridge that holds e-liquid.

Filling: The process of adding E-Liquid/E-Juice into the E-Cig/Vape tank

Flooding:  When an E-Cig/Vaporizer overflows with E-Liquid. This is a problem and is usually caused by overfilling or an outdated device which requires maintenance or a new part.







LED:  Shorthand for Light Emitting Diode; LED is digital technology. 

Light Emitting Diode:  A diode that converts applied voltage to light. These are commonly used in electronic cigarette devices to indicate that the E-Cig is being used.

Low Resistance: An atty/cart with a lower Ohm rating than the standard. This causes the heating element to get hotter faster and produces vapour more quickly.

LR:  Short hand for “Low Resistance”


mAh:  Abbreviation for Milliampere-hour, which is how batteries are rated for capacity power. Usually, the higher the mAh rating, the more powerful the batteries.

Manual battery:  An electronic cigarette battery that is turned on and off by a switch. They tend to produce more vapour than an automatic battery.

Mg:  Milligrams. The most common measure of nicotine per millilitre.

Mod:  Shorthand for modification, this is a design alteration of a battery, atomiser or cartridge. Mods are generally used by vapers looking to boost vapour production, battery life or ease of use. Mod can also be a casual name for a vaporizer which has been rebuilt. “Hello, this is my mod.”

Mouthpiece:  The tip of an electronic cigarette which is placed into the mouth.


Nicotine (natural):  Natural nicotine is a stimulant derived from tobacco. Nicotine belongs to the Nightshade family of plants. It is commonly compared to caffeine. 

Nicotine (pure/”Pharma”):  Pure, non-diluted nicotine for labs and pharmacies. 

Nicotine Level:  The amount of nicotine in a cartridge or bottle of E-liquid. It is usually measured in mg/ml or as a percentage. Traditional companies use percentages like pharmacies. Ex: 2.4 % nicotine by volume =24 mg.


Ohm:  The SI unit of electrical resistance, expressing the resistance in a circuit transmitting a current of 1 amp when subjected to a potential difference of 1 volt.


Pass Through:  A type of technology where users can “pass-through” electricity and charge multiple devices at one time. 

PCC:  Shorthand for Portable Charging Case.

Pen Vape:  A style of electronic cigarette, known for its resemblance to a ball point pen or a 1920's to 1950's cigarette holder. These are the first types of electronic cigarettes created and tend to be larger than E-Cigs. These types of E-Cigs vary in technicality and are generally rechargeable. 

Personal Vaporizer(PV):  Another term for an electronic cigarette. PV’s are a more advanced version of a traditional E-Cig. They are usually larger and more modern in appearance and require knowledge of electronics and E-Liquid. 

PG (Propylene Glycol):  Short hand for propylene glycol.

Portable Charging Case:  A case that allows you to charge your battery on the go, without needing a power source. They can usually hold a few cartomisers and cartridges as well.

Priming:  A technique used with an automatic battery to produce the most possible vapour. This requires taking a deep breath to "prime" the atomiser. 

Propaganda:  Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Propylene Glycol (PG):   Propylene glycol is a colourless, sweet and odourless organic liquid used in a large variety of everyday items such as food, medicine and cosmetics. Propylene glycol is quickly metabolized and excreted. Its metabolic pathway is comparable to that of sugar. Propylene glycol has been used safely for more than 50 years and is considered generally safe.  

PV (Personal Vaporizer):  Shorthand for Personal Vaporizer.



Rechargeable E-Cig:  A traditional E-Cig that is not disposable, rather rechargeable. The E-Cig allows you to recharge the battery once the battery life diminishes and replace the cart/carto. Some refill their own carts.


Shisha:  The ingredient in traditional hookahs that contains tobacco, molasses and flavour additives. Traditional shisha must be combusted and is strictly for hookahs. E-Hookahs mimic the draw and taste of a hookah without the actual shisha. 

Starter Kits:  Typically for new users to begin with when they try electronic cigarettes. A starter kit can contain only the basics (battery and charger) or even the complete assortment of parts and accessories.


Tank:  The unit in the Clearomiser that holds the E-Liquid. The tank is often clear and contains a centre hollow tube which connects to the mouth-piece.

Top-Filling:  Vaporizers which “fill” E-Liquid from the top. 

Threading:  The screw-end of your E-Cig battery, where the cartridge or atomiser's base attaches. Threading can also refer to the battery "type." See “510”. 

Throat Hit/Kick:  A term used for what is felt in the back of the throat when a puff is taken from an E-Cig or vape. A good throat hit closely mimics the feeling from analogue smoking. Nicotine levels can greatly affect throat hit strength, with higher amount of nicotine having a stronger throat hit than lower amounts. PG will also slight affect the throat-kick. 

TK:  Shorthand for Throat Kick

TH:  Shorthand for Throat hit



Vape:  The act of inhaling vapour from an E-Cig, as well as shorthand for vaporizer.

Vaper:  One who vapes. Smoker Vs. Vaper. 

Vaping:  Using E-Cigs or vapes. Many electronic cigarette users participate in “Vaping” instead of smoking.

Vapour:  The smoke-like vapour produced from an E-Cig when the e-liquid is heated, turning from a liquid into a gas by the atomiser. The most common ingredients are propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. The VG is most responsible for thick vapour.

Vapour Production:  The amount of vapour produced after drawing on a vaporizer.  

Variable Voltage:  An option that some vaporizers have where a user has the option to change their vaporizer/e-cigs voltage, allowing for further customization.

Variable Wattage:  An option that some vaporizers have where a user has the option to change their vaporizer/e-cigs wattage, allowing for further customization.

Veteran Vaper:  A vaper who has extensive knowledge of vaping and has been vaping using VTM technology for at least a year. ECF is wonderful at labelling vapers as "veterans"; veterans are usually very friendly and willing to help "newbies", or new vaper-enthusiasts. 

VV:  Shorthand for Variable Voltage.

VW:  Shorthand for Variable Wattage.

VTM:  Vapour-Tank-Mod; this term is used to describe advanced e-cigs commonly called vaporizers.


WHO:  World Health organization. 

Wick:  A poly fibre with the appearance of cotton. It is the thread that soaks up e-liquid to be vaporized by the heating element.