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Kangertech Ceramic Coils - Replacement For Standard SSOCC Coils

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Now in stock at VoodooVape UK - Kanger Ceramic Coils

Well known for their high performance coils, Kanger has released their new Kanger Ceramic Coil. This ceramic coil head is constructed of Tungsten wire combined with ceramic material, producing a richer, longer lasting vaping experience. The Kanger Ceramic Coil has a resistance of 0.5 ohm, enhancing flavour and vapour production. Kanger's Ceramic Coil is also compatible with all previous SSOCC tanks and devices, including SubTank's, TopTank's, SubVod, Mini-C Tank and Nebox.

We recommend all user of SSOCC coils to try these new Ceramic coils. Not only do most users like the improved flavour of their favourite e-juice but as the coils typically last around twice as long, they are a great upgrade in terms of cost, with a 5 pack of ceramic coils being of similar cost, they effectively halve the cost of your coil consumption.


  • All Devices which use SSOCC Coils
  • Kangertech Subtank
  • Kangertech Subtank Plus
  • Kangertech Subtank Mini
  • Kangertech Subtank Nano
  • Kangertech NEBOX
  • Kangertech Subox Kit
  • Kangertech SUBVOD
  • Kangertech SUBVOD Mega TC
  • Kangertech Toptank Nano
  • Kangertech Toptank Mini
  • Kangertech Topbox Mini Kit
  • Kangertech Mini-C Tank
  • Kangertech Mini-C Kit

Features of Kanger Ceramic Coils:

  • Even Vaporising of Juice
  • SSOCC compatible
  • Prevents burning taste
  • Kanthal A1 wire
  • Long lifespan
  • Huge vapor
  • Produces a more pure flavor
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tungsten Wire Coated With Ceramic
  • Resistance: 0.5 ohm (30-60W)


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