It looks to be well built and heavy duty. The screen and the buttons seem nice and responsive. I just like the overall look of it and the feel of quality that it gives off.



  • Nitecore NFF01
  • Standard EU power plug
  • 3 Magnetic Stirrer Bars
  • Scratch and Check validation serial number




I don’t even know where to start with this because I’ve never reviewed a magnetic stirrer before. I have seen many of them in action but I never actually used or reviewed one myself. I have seen my friends use lab quality magnetic stirrers and homemade jobs that were made in the back of a garage. I have never personally used one until I received the Nitecore NFF01 that was made specifically for DIY ejuice mixing.

All that being said, I guess we’ll just start at the top. On the top of the unit, you will find a heating element. It will heat your ejuice from 35 to 70 degrees Celsius.  That’s the one thing I really don’t like about the menu system. You are stuck in Celsius no matter what you do. 


Right below the heating element, you have a beautiful color screen. The screen itself is a little on the dark side but it is in color and the main colors on it are green and blue. On the color screen, you will be able to see your RPMs, temperature, runtime, timer begin, and timer stop. all of those settings are adjustable and this unit can be adjusted up to 14 days in advance. I have to be totally honest, I saw no need to use the 14-day advanced function or the timer function. I simply take this unit out when I am mixing my juice and I set my juice on there for anywhere from four to six hours. That is what has worked for me and I really don’t use the timers at all. They do seem to be a little bit of overkill for me but some people with that techy type of background might enjoy those features.

To the left of the screen, you have three buttons for the three times of the day broken up into 8 hour periods. To the right of the screen, you have a knob that allows you to adjust the RPM and temperature of the unit. Rotate the knob to the left to decrease the RPMs or temperature and rotate it to the right to increase the RPMs or temperature. On the side of the mod, you have a simple on/off switch.


I have to say that I am quite impressed with the build quality of this unit. It does look like something that you would find in a Science Lab or a Professional Laboratory of a chemist. The construction is extremely solid, the buttons are very clicky and responsive, and the dial is beautifully done. It has a very nice, solid, feel to it. All in all, I think if you are a DIYer, you will be impressed with a unit like this. It is a definite improvement over the shake and wait process.





So, the concept behind a device like this is that a magnetic stirrer will decrease the overall steeping time for a DIYer. It does that by introducing tons of air to the juice while mixing it very vigorously. Not only will this decrease your steeping time but you will have a very well blended ejuice as well. The way this Nitecore device does that is by dropping a small metal capsule that is covered in a food grade plastic into your ejuice. You then place your ejuice bottle on top of the magnetic spinner plate and you turn it on. The magnet will create a vortex within your juice that will make sure it mixes evenly and introduces air into the equation to help steeping. This gives the flavors that you put into your juice a good time to age and marry. Because we all know that steeped ejuice is always better than something that is made the first day. It’s definitely a lot easier than just shaking it every day or waiting 2 or 3 weeks for it to steep.

The NFF01 does come with three individual stirring capsules. There is also a magnetic rod that you can use to take the capsules out of your juice. The unit will spin your juice anywhere from 70 to 1200 revolutions per minute. At the same time, it can also heat your mixture up to 70 degrees Celsius or 158 degrees Fahrenheit. What this does is it breaks down the viscosity of the juice and it allows the flavors to marry better. The result you will get is an increase in both flavor and vape production.

In a lot of ways, this unit is not only for the DIYer but you could also make a good argument that any vaper could make use of an NFF01 unit. I say that because rarely have I ever bought a juice that didn’t require some type of steeping. So, even if you’re not a DIYer but you buy a lot of juice, you can drop your magnetic capsule into your store bought juice and give it a spin to speed up the steeping process. I just don’t want people to think that this unit is just for DIYers because as I just showed you, almost any vaper could get value from a unit like this. In fact, the only real con and it is extremely subjective is the price point. I try not to ever discuss price in my reviews because different amounts mean different things to different people but on this unit, I do feel the price point is on the high side. To be fair though, it is extremely well built and it has a ton of features.



Yeah, I have to say that it really does work. I will admit that I only started my DIY Journey about a month ago but I have had this unit since I started DIYing. In that time, I did a little experiment. I made two juices that were exactly the same. One, I put on the magnetic stirrer and the other I did not. I can honestly say that after five or six hours of non-stop stirring, the stirred batch was definitely much better than the unstirred batch that I hand shook myself. The difference was in fact very noticeable. So my conclusion is it definitely speeds up the steeping process. I have found myself using this unit every time I make a new juice and I have been extremely happy with its performance so far.

I will say that the NFF01 has a plethora features. Not only will it spin from 70 to 1200 RPMs but the heat is adjustable from 35° C to 70 degrees C. It can also be programmed for up to 14 days in advance. You can spin up to 1000 mls of liquid but it does work best with 30 to 200 mls. It has an extremely large and clear screen and for what it does, its form factor is kind of compact. It measures in at 161 mm by 144.7 mm by 53 mm.



Believe it or not, this is a high end, top notch, professional grade, type of tool made specifically for ejuice DIYers. Not only is this product for DIYers but this is also good for vaper that likes to blend two or more flavors or they find themselves increasing or decreasing the thickness of their juice. It’s also for the type of vaper that doesn’t like to wait for their store bought juices to steep. Those types of vapers will definitely get a benefit from using the Nitecore NFF01. Overall, it’s a fantastic product that I would truly miss if I did not have it anymore. I use it every time I mix a new juice and the performance has just been stellar. If you are a DIYer then you can rest assured that the Nitecore NFF01 is without a doubt DeucesJack approved. Get one and stop shaking and waiting.



  • Input – DV 12V 3A MAX
  • Motor: 70-1200RPM
  • Motor Output: 3W
  • Heat Output: 30W
  • Heating Temperature: 70C MAX
  • Temperature Control: Digital
  • Control Precision: 5C/10F
  • Heat Source: Ceramic
  • Panel Material: SS304 Stainless Steel
  • Mixing capacity: 30-250mL
  • Operating duration: SMM Default Mode – continuous | PMM Programmed Mode: 14 days
  • Size: 161mm x 144.7mm x 53mm