Innokin iSUB SS BVC 0.5 Ohms - Single Coil

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The iSub coil range now features a Stainless Steel coil designed for usage in both wattage and temperature control modes.

Temperature control is great for vaping as it means dry hits are a thing of the past - when the temperature is locked to a certain range (i.e. 200celsius) the mod will cease firing if the temperature gets above this point, and come back on when it drops under. This means the vape is much more consistent and flavourful.

These 0.5 SS Bottom Vertical Coils are best used around 190-245 Celsius, depending on your E-liquid. Can of course be used in wattage mode as usual.

Stainless Steel also arguably provides a cleaner flavour than the usual Kanthal coils in wattage mode as it's a very heat resistant metal and used in all sorts of everyday products that require resistance to heat.
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