LVWell CBD 1000mg 10ml Max Hemp Seed Oil

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LiveWell CBD products can be taken orally or vaped. All LiveWell CBD is produced in the EU. The CBD oil is extracted using a supercritical Co2 extraction process. The result is a super-pure natural CBD extract.

LiveWell Full Spectrum CBD comes in a variety of strengths. There can be a lot of confusion about the different strength CBD. For example, 5% (in 10ml total) means that there is 500mg of full-spectrum extract. Mix a few drops with your normal liquid and vape as required. We do not recommend vaping Live Well CBD on its own unless in a device specialised for vaping CBD containing products.

  • Cannabis Extract
  • 1000mg 
  • 10ml
  • Hemp Seed Oil 
  • Sweet Mocha Flavour
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