Nitecore NFF01 Magnetic eLiquid Mixer

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The NFF01 offers two modes to cater for different eliquid mixing demands. The Programmable Mixing Mode (PMM) allows the three working sections to be separately operated and has a maximum duration of 14 days or the Simple Mixing Mode (SMM) offers more basic programming and is capable of running continuously. 

The mixer is able to mix and heat the e-liquid simultaneously, with a heating temperature between 35 and 70ºC. The NFF01 has a temperature protection function, where it will cease heating and wait for the temperature to decrease before it resumes, at 70ºC. The heating panel is made from SS304 stainless steel with a ceramic heat source.

The NFF01 has a clear user interface, featuring details on the temperature, runtime, remaining time and revolutions per minute (RPM). It comes with a power adapter, two stir bars and a magnetic rod, which is used for taking out the stir bars. The advanced heating unit is sturdy and durable and makes minimal noise.

To turn the mixer on, press the power switch on the right side and place a flat based vessel (not included) on the heating panel. Please do NOT use plastic when heating. Pour liquid into the vessel and a stir bar, then select the appropriate mixing mode.


  • Size: 161 x l44.7 x 53mm
  • Input: DC 12V 3A MAX (a power adapter included)
  • Motor: 70-1200 R.P.M. (displayed on the screen)
  • Motor output: 3W
  • Heat output: 30W
  • Heating temperature: 70℃ MAX
  • Temperature control: Digital temperature control 
  • Control precision: 5℃/10℉
  • Heat source: Ceramic
  • Panel material: SS304 Stainless steel
  • Mixing capacity: 30-1000ML (30-200ML recommended)
  • Operating duration: SMM default mode: continuous, PMM programmed mode: 14 days (maximum duration)

* Unit comes with Euro style plug
* Please allow additional 2 days for dispatch time

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